Jessica, Linda, Melissa, Vanessa: these women left their home countries of Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia for a better life— to live freely in the country of Human Rights. Here there are, 5, 10, 20 years later, in their New World… the bois de Boulogne. They are transgender migrants who had no choice other than prostitution. There face illnesses, insults, assaults, fatigue, violence, and wear and tear. Covid has only made things worse.
Since January 2021, and for 18 months, I walked through the “trans Latina territory”.
Being able to approach them in their mother tongue allowed me to gain their trust. I listened to them, photographed them and recorded them. Each time I was deeply moved by their life stories — their strength of character, their dignity and their beauty.
Through this series of photographs and texts, I want to offer an alternative image of these trans women in their fight to survive, breaking stereotypes :  Las Reinas del Bosque.
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