Françoise Evenou is a writer and photographer of Spanish origin, who lives and works in Paris. After a corporate career, she studied philosophy and theology. In 2014, she published her first book, La Rencontre, and has since devoted herself to writing* and photography. Questioning  both identity and ''otherness'' are at the heart of her work. Since 2017, she has been deepening her practice with photographers Diana Lui and Klavdij Sluban. Her photographic work explores woman's portrait, and seeks to express the vertiginious experience of an encounter and seizing the human psyche. Her artistic approach is articulated around images, interviews, sound recordings and short texts.
In June 2021, her first series of photographs and texts,
La couleur du désir, was published by Filigranes Editions in Paris, under Collection Punctum N°1 and presented in July at Galerie Huit Arles during Les Rencontres de la Photographie d'Arles. Her last project, Las Reinas del Bosque is featured at the Festival du Regard 2022 (

*La Rencontre, éditions Nouvelle Cité, 2015 ; L’Appel des Oliviers, éditions Salvator, 2017 ; Una niña de la guerra, éditions EspacioCultura, 2018 ; Ose la petite robe rouge, 2020
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